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Kissing Spine *special needs

Mesquite rescued from a horrible and alarming situation in Lancaster in 2016. The owner had a small thoroughbred breeding operation on his property in Lancaster. Sadly, he became very ill and was unable to take proper care of his horses. There were a total of 19 horses: stallions, mares, mares in foal, 3 and 4 year olds, and 2 yearling stud colts.  Two young horses were together in a very small pen and had been neglected for quite some time.   They were both picked up by a rescue I was managing and after weeks of loving care- and elbow grease their mats and knots were gone.  When they first arrived, they were afraid of “humans” and I could barely get near them.  Over time they came to trust people and now love attention and treats.As two year olds Nate was place and Mesquite stayed with me as it was discovered that he has kissing spine.  We have injected his back and have continued on with his training but it is going to take a special person to adopt him knowing he comes with the kissing spine.  (if you count to the 5th vertebrae you will see at the top it is touching) 


Nick is an 8 year old off the track Thoroughbred who was stuck in a stall after winning $100,000 in his racing career. He came up with a chip in his knee and could no longer race.  I have taken him into Tita’s place to help pony the younger rescues and to show them the ropes.

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