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Cisco and his mother came from the Lancaster Animal Shelter. His mother was tied to a fence on the side of the road and he was running loose around her. They were pulled from the shelter by the Lange Foundation which has a facility in Canyon Country called St. Bonnies.  When he was 1.5 years old I adopted him into Tita’s Place to continue his training. Cisco recently turned 4 and is currently thriving at Tita's Place while he continues his training.


Penny and Peaches were living in a garage in the city of Ontario.  The owner was accepted into the police academy and agreed to turn over the pigs to LAAR.  I was  contacted by a friend who asked if I could foster them while LAAR organized with the veterinarian to have them  spayed.  We always spay/neuter all rescue pigs so we can find them a permanent home in a more pig friendly environment. They were 8 months old and very friendly and sweet so we were able to place them quickly after they were fixed.


Bam Bam came to me when he was approximately 4 months old.

He was raffled off at a kid’s party and the person that won him knew nothing about pigs.  She took him to a friend’s barn where he was put in a pen with two older males which he immediately started to fight with since he is an intact male! They put him a stall by himself where my friend saw him and convinced the owner to him over to me. He was covered in skin mites and was so itchy. We treated the mites with Ivermectin and oatmeal baths and castrated him.Once his skin had recovered I found a home for him nearby with a wonderful family that had a female pot bellied pig


Maverick is a 19 year old Warmblood. Maverick came from a riding school program who was kind enough to realize he no longer wanted to jump and just wanted to find him a loving home.  He has been adopted into great home living on 40 acres with 3 other horses.  He is enjoying a new career with the mounted posse and has already been in the Hollister Christmas parade.