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When our rescues come in they are seen by the veterinarian to get a complete assessment as to their condition.   We take our time to figure out their temperament so they can be placed in the right home when they are ready to leave.


I was raised in a neighborhood without horses, but when the pony rides came around, I was hooked! It was love at first sight and from then on I knew horses were my destiny. At 6 years old I became a horse crazy girl.

I read every horse book I could get my hands on while growing up.  My parents could not afford horses and so as soon as I was old enough to get a job after school, I began saving my money to buy a horse. I was just seventeen when I bought Gentile.  He was a year-old untrained colt and we grew up together.  Knowing nothing about the care or training of horses didn’t stop me - I read everything I could find on how to raise these beautiful animals and eventually became manager of a small ranch in Canyon Country. 

Over the past three decades, I have been personally involved with rescuing or coordinating aid for horses and other animals like pigs and donkeys, including during some of the worst fires in the Los Angeles region. 

Now I want to scale my efforts. With Tita’s Place, I am channeling my 30+ years of experience in caring for so many different kinds of animals into a not-for-profit venture focused full time on helping the never-ending stream of animals in need of rescue.

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We are always in need of a helping hand. At Tita's Place, volunteering isn't just about community service, it's a rewarding experience. Learn what it takes to nurse animals back to health.



We have been working all year to clean up the new barn in preparation for our rescues.  There was a large tree in the front pasture that had fallen that need to be removed before planting and seeding. The arena had a huge Oak tree in it that had fallen and all the limbs needed to be removed and the stump needed to be pulled out.  Lastly the arena needed to be de-rocked before we were able to use it.”



Tita'a Place is a not-for-profit organization. We are funded by donations and we're able to operate with the help of our amazing volunteers. Your donations allow us to provide housing and healthcare to animals who need it the most.  Please help us continue to our mission. 

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