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Silver is an Arabian and was an owner surrender to the Animal shelter as an 8 years old a stallion.  Animal control gelded him and then we picked him up.  He was very skinny so we floated  his teeth,  fattened him up and had Dr. Travers work his magic to  help him on the road to recovery.  We have put some miles on him now that he has gained weight  and except for getting a little anxious in the cross ties he is the slowest Arabian I have ever come across.  He is approximately 14.2 hands and will make a wonderful kids "honey". 


Apple Jack came to use via a horse auction. My friend sent me a picture of a yearling mare that had the same marking as her mare and I noticed what looked like a baby standing behind her.   We know nothing of his history except he was approximately 4 months old, was branded on his shoulder and rear and dumped at the auction.The poor guy was terrified of humans so we have been working to gain his trust.  He is growing like a weed and loves hanging out with his buddy Silver.

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