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Me Myself I was born in 2011, he was trained for the track and ran his first race as a 4 year old in 2015.  Unfortunately he bowed a tendon and was taken out of training rotation for 2 years. They brought him back to try to race him again and it aggravated the injury so he was taken out of the training rotation again. They tried to bring him back to race fitness a third time to no avail, he was not staying sound enough to race. During his lay ups and after the last failed attempt to bring him back to race, Me has been used as a “place holder” at the track.


A place holder is a horse that stays in the 12x12 stall and only comes out to walk on the walker.  Trainers need these place holders to keep their stalls. This job for a horse is a jail sentence for a crime he did not commit.  

Me was kept as a stallion, he was never used for breeding, so the first thing that needed to happen was to geld him. Gelding an older horse is risky so he was delivered directly to the hospital for this procedure. Unfortunately there was a complication and his lungs filled with fluid and he had to stay in the hospital an extra day to clear that up with medication. 

The second thing that had to happen is his feet needed trimming and shoes put on.

We are looking forward to giving him the life he deserves at Tita’s Place and once he has been rehabbed and accessed to figure out what job he is comfortable in we look forward to placing him in his forever home.

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